i'll show you how.

It's time you took back control. It's time you felt empowered rather than guilty when setting boundaries. 

Boundaries Like A Boss is a Pre-Recorded Workshop For the ambitious woman or female entrepreneur who struggles with saying no and wants to learn how to let go of guilt and shame while setting and keeping their boundaries.

Boundaries Like A Boss Workshop

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If you responded YES to most of the above, then Girl you need to work on your boundaries!

You don't want your boundaries to hurt others around you, so you feel guilt for even having them.

You feel like if you don't get things done no one else will. 

You feel like you give but get nothing in return.

You tend to people please to avoid conflicts at all cost. 

You have a hard time saying "no". 

Does this sound like you? 

Count Me In!


•60 minute self-paced pre-recorded training 

• Boundaries Like A Boss Worksheet

•Conversation Scripts to help you get started with setting boundaries like a boss

• Therapist Approved Book list to continue your boundary journey
• Lifetime Access To Workshop Material 

What's included:

• Understand what boundaries truly are

• Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries

• Be able to identify the different types of boundaries 

• Understand why you may struggle to keep your boundaries and how to change that pattern

• Understand when it's okay to break or adjust your boundaries

• Know how to respond when people don't respect your boundaries 

• Identify your core boundaries based on your values

After the workshop you will:

Monica Denais is a Latinx Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and Mental Health Coach in Dallas, Texas.

Monica helps women entrepreneurs stop questioning themselves so they can feel confident in both life and business. In her counseling practice, Monica works with women entrepreneurs who struggle with anxiety, burnout, codependency, entrepreneurial stress, perfectionism, life transitions, and self-esteem issues.

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