Are you ready to stop questioning your decisions, let go of anxiety, live stress free and truly LOVE your life? 

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You come home only to open up your laptop to get more work done. It’s time for dinner and you're too tired to make it. You just had a long day and having a conversation with your husband almost seems draining. It just feels like one more thing you have to do. 

So you order take out for the millionth time this week and pour yourself a glass of wine while turning on Netflix. It feels so right at the time but you end up feeling guilty. You feel like you're not meeting your own expectations. 

You don’t feel confident in your life and business.

Wish you would stop choosing between living your life and growing your business? 

Two years ago, I stood in the place where you are, overwhelmed with fear of starting and growing a business, too much to do and not enough coffee and time to get things done. I felt the pressure to be perfect in all aspects of my life and unable to make decisions without overthinking them. 

I was working at a government job I hated and on the bridge of burnout trying to balance my full-time job while also running a side business. I was overworked and underpaid.I didn’t feel like I was meeting anyone's expectations of me and felt defeated everyday trying to catch up with everything I had to do. 

That’s when it hit me and realized I didn’t have to stay stuck. I decided to go back to counseling to become the best version of myself. I wanted to find a space where I could speak without judgment and start building my confidence. 

After taking back my life, I became balanced, working with my dream clients, continuously investing in my own healing and showing up for the people I love. 

Girl, now it’s your turn!!

That;s where I come in....

 With an iced vanilla latte in hand and my golden coil planner by my side.

I’m going to make sure you have the tangible steps to live your best life so you can stop questioning your confidence. 

I help my clients by getting to the root of the patterns and behaviors that are not serving them with a unique solution focused approach. My approach is directed toward developing and achieving realistic, workable solutions for you as quickly as possible to minimize time spent in counseling and, more importantly, time spent struggling.

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