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Below you'll find lists of resources that may be helpful to you. 
Hey! Quick note to let you know that I’m an affiliate of some of the companies on this page, which means I receive a commission whenever someone makes a purchase using my code or link. This doesn’t cost you anything extra - it will often mean you get a sweet discount! I promise I only ever recommend the products/services that I genuinely use and adore. Enjoy!

Favorite Books

outside of our counseling sessions books can help you continue doing the work at home!

Anxiety can really stop us from doing all the amazing things we can do. This book is by far my favorite to recommend to clients. 

The Anxiety Toolkit

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As an entrepreneur your pulled in many different directions knowing which directions need your attention is important. 

How To Get Sh*t Done

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Your mental health is often connected to your daily habits. I love this book because it truly helps you learn how to create long lasting habits. 

Atomic Habits

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How you speak to yourself is important? If you struggle with self-criticism this book is for you. 


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Early on in your life your initial relationships can shape how you navigate adult relationships. We tend to have patterns similar to those one has as a child. Find out your attachment style.


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Setting boundaries can be scary, but necessary in order to reclaim your peace. This is my favorite book with real world examples of boundary setting. 

Set Boundaries, Find Peace

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Favorite Lifestyle Tools

Practicing gratitude and planning your day is essential to living a healthy life

The perfect planner if you want prioritize their mental health & relationships as you pursue your goals. This is what I currently use.

Peacefully Productive  Planner

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Want to become more productive this planner is essential for those who tend have a hard time with prioritizing. 
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Productivity Planner

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This journal is the perfect additional to your morning routine. It helps you start your day with gratitude and affirmations. 
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The Five Minute Journal

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Favorite Biz Tools

This is what I use in my business day in and day out to live my best life!

Start sending gorgeous emails. FloDesk is an easy to use email software. Get 50% off!


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Hate your website? You won't when you use Showit. Showit + EM Shop makes building your website EASY!

EM Shop Templates

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This is *LITERALLY* what I use to run my business as a counselor. If you're a counselor you need this! Earn a $50 subscription credit!

Simple Practice

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This is how I stay organized and how my team and I work together to bring all the amazing content you know and love. 


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It can be a pain creating graphics! Canva has been my go to tool to make templates and make managing social media easy!


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This is the tool I use to plan out the amazing social media content you see on my Instagram!


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Audio Technica ATR 2100 or Blue Yeti // For podcasting mic

 // For recording solo

Zoom // For recording remote interviews

Calendly // For scheduling interviews

Libsyn // For podcast hosting use code wellness for 1 month off

podcast tools