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I help women like you stop questioning themselves so they can live confident in both life and business. 

Mindset Coaching Services for Women Entrepreneurs 

Your Next Steps Toward a Better YOU is Here......

There are many reasons why being an entrepreneur is mentally and emotionally tough. Am I right? The struggle is real. You are feeling so much pressure to succeed in both life and business. You think things like, “If I'm not working hard I wont succeed” or “What if I fail?”, "What if I never feel financially stable".

The pressure of being a leader and also never quite feeling like you are where you need to be is stressful. Managing a business seems out of your control and risky but you’ve got to stay on your ‘A’ game so you pour yourself a third cup of coffee struggling to get your shit together. Your business depends on you. 

You have read tons of self-help books, listened to a million podcasts, talked to other entrepreneurs about how they deal with their stressors yet you are still unsure of how to tackle your own struggles because they don’t quite seem to have the answers that fit your situation. 


I help you create a plan & make active shifts that fits your lifestyle and your needs....

What if I said you don't have do it alone? 

Working together we can pin-point and tackle issues specific to your entrepreneurial journey. 

  • (6) 50-minutes calls total biweekly for 3 months with Monica
  • Receive a copy of the recording after each call
  • Follow up emails outlining detailed action steps discussed during zoom call and additional resources mentioned during call. 

What's Included: 

  • Overcome self-doubt and increase self-confidence and belief in your business vision
  • Overcome fear and develop the courage to do what’s required to for your own definition of success
  • Eliminate habits that don't serve you and establish healthy ones
  • Increase and sustain the motivation and drive needed for success
  • Eliminate destructive relationships and nurture beneficial ones
  • Effectively manage the stress of running a business and busy life.
  • Maintain a healthy mindset & mental health that supports your lifestyle
*Each person has individualized objectives & goals.

The goal of coaching is to help you:

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