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entrepreneurship can be hard and we don't have to do it alone!

The podcast for ambitious women & entrepreneurs who are ready to make mental health a priority.

About the Café with Monica Podcast

Join the tribe of ambitious women & women entrepreneurs who are making mental health their priority. You’ll be challenged, coached, and open up alongside other like minded women! 

With a vanilla latte on one hand and my trusty podcast mic, I am ready to share with you some of the most amazing stories out there from other entrepreneurs. It takes courage to show up vulnerable and that's what we do here at Café with Monica podcast choose courage every time and sharing our stories so that others can learn and grow from us. Are you ready to grow and make mental health a priority? We got you!

I’m Monica - your podcast hostess and business therapist. 

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"Very real & relatable ✨
Monica is so transparent on her podcast and it makes her feel so relatable. I catch myself forgetting that this isn’t just her and I having a conversation and I’m actually listening to a podcast! I have shared her podcasts with so many of my friends! ❤️" — uphillgrowth.

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